Terms and conditions


Please read OKOLO Bikes terms and conditions carefully before hiring our bikes:


1.            The Hire begins at the time and date as agreed in this contract. The end of the Hire is when the Hirer returns the hired equipment to the Owner. If the Hirer fails to return the hired equipment within 20 days after the expected time of return as agreed in this contract, the Hire ends 20 days after the expected time of return as agreed in this contract and the Hirer is liable to pay the Owner the rental fees according to the tariff which is part of this contract and on top of that the cost of the equipment (CZK 9000 minimum for a bicycle) which has been hired and not returned by the Hirer. Should the Hirer not pay the whole amount due by the end of the Hire period, interest shall be charged to the benefit of the Owner at a rate of 1.5% of amount due per month, the charging period shall be one month.

2.            The Hirer is required to make a deposit of CZK 1500 or €50 or an equivalent in other currency to the Owner upon delivery of every bicycle. The deposit shall be used to cover any damage, loss or theft or equipment according to paragraph 6 of these terms and conditions. The Hirer will be asked for proof of identification upon delivery of bicycle and required accessories (e. g. driving license, passport or photo ID).

3.            The minimum age for hiring a bike is 15 years, under which the presence of an adult will be necessary to assume all responsibilities.

4.            Booking of equipment must be made at least 1 hour before the commencement of hire.

5.            The Hirer must return the equipment in the same condition as it was delivered at the start of the hire period. All equipment will be very carefully checked after each hire.

6.            In case of stolen, damaged or lost equipment, or if the equipment is not returned to the Owner  by the period agreed, the Owner will have the right to keep all or part of the deposit in order to cover all damage found.

7.            The Hirer is responsible for the equipment supplied by the Owner  during the period of hire. In the event of any incident such as loss, damage or theft of the equipment supplied by the Owner, the Hirer must cover any damage costs occurred to the bicycle. The charges are as following:

Bicycle not returned ……… 9000CZK

Electric bicycle not returned...............25000CZK

Tandem bicycle not returned………20000CZK

Helmet not returned…….400  CZK

Lock not returned……..400  CZK

8.            During the period of hire agreed, the Hirer must not leave the equipment unlocked or unsecured properly.

9.            The Owner will provide safety checked equipment before handover.

10.          The Owner encourages all bike users to wear a safety helmet and follow all traffic rules.

11.          The Hirer must notify the Owner about any breakdown, theft or loss of the Equipment or any kind of incident immediately.

12.   The Owner is exempt of any responsibility for any incidents related to the Hirer or any users of the hired equipment (including physical injuries or even death of the Hirer), for any loss, costs, expenses, during the hire period.