Safety and security for you and the bikes:


Traffic rules and safety precautions:

General traffic rules are equivalent to those in elsewhere in Europe.
Important things to know:

- at crossroads always GIVE WAY to traffic approaching from your RIGHT unless traffic signs/lights tell you otherwise
- always give way to trams
- make sure you cross tram tracks at a wide enough angle otherwise you risk your wheel getting trapped inside the track or slip on it under wet conditions
- children under 15 are required by law to wear cycling helmets 



Locking the bicycles in public spaces:

We provide you with a bike lock free of charge. However we remind you that for lost or stolen bikes and other items you have to compensate us according to our <tariff>. We discourage you from leaving our bikes locked up in public space:
- with the bike lock not secured to the frame of the bike, e.g. by the wheel only
- locked up to traffic sign posts as these can be pulled out of the ground
- locked up to any construction which is not solid enough or in a way that lets the thieves steal the bike only by lifting it up or manipulate it otherwise without breaking the lock
- for a prolonged period of time, especially after dark
- in places where there are not many people passing by at all times

Locking the bikes to proper bike stands is preferable as long as you can lock the bike by its FRAME.